Lower School Theatrical Activities

Theatrical productions make their way into the Lower School at the classroom level, and each grade has opportunities to explore drama. First grade prepares an annual production of "The Three Piggy Opera" - a song-filled adaptation of the story of the three little pigs. Second and third grades combine to produce the Julius Caesar play which uses dialogue from the William Shakespeare original. Fourth grade performs an elaborate Medieval performance called "The Pilgrimage", which includes script and music memorization. In addition to activities like these, the students prepare and perform skits and presentations for the annual Christmas Program and History Night.

Middle School Theater

Each year the Middle School puts on a play. In the past, these have included "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory", "The Best Christmas Pageant Ever", "The Phantom Toll Booth", and "A Modern Christmas Carol".

High School Theater

Dramatic arts productions are a regular and exciting feature of school life at Washington Christian Academy. Over the last few years, productions have ranged from Aeschylus’ "Antigone" to Shakespeare’s "Macbeth" to Vonnegut’s "Welcome to the Monkey House" to C.S. Lewis's "The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe". Each year’s play features multiple performances played to capacity crowds, with students not only performing but also serving as the tech and stage crews for all shows.