Spiritual Formations

Middle School

Since the start of our Community Group program last year at Washington Christian Acaemy, our Middle School team has had great success in building student-teacher, as well as student-student relationships throughout the Middle School. Community Group time is built into the Middle School schedule, occurring each Friday. It is a time for boys in the same grade, and girls in the same grade, to meet with a male or female teacher to discuss life in light of how God would have us live, treat each other, and serve one another.

Each month, our community groups focus on a different value that we can demonstrate to one another in the classroom or in the hallway to promote a Christ centered community here at WCA, as well as growth within each individual student or class. For instance, this month, our groups have been discussing honesty and how we can speak the truth in love to one another.Along with this component of spiritual growth in our Community Groups, is a service component, and an active time to learn together through games. No event challenges the students and demonstrates their growth in these areas more than our highly anticipated Middle School Community Days, which occur quarterly.

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