More Than Teachers and Students

We are more than a group of teachers and students; we are a community that includes the parents and families of every student. We say that we admit families, not just students. Functioning as a community of families is critical to the fulfillment of our mission – we depend upon parents to become involved in the school. We’ve frequently seen families make life-long friendships through their involvement at WCA.

Parent Teacher Fellowship (PTF)

Many of the opportunities are organized by our Parent Teacher Fellowship (PTF) organization. Believing that the responsibility of educating children belongs primarily to the parents, the PTF at Washington Christian Academy exists to support parents and teachers in this task and to nurture a caring community, which will advance the mission of Washington Christian Academy.

In order to accomplish this, the PTF will:

  • Facilitate parent involvement and teacher support in the classroom.
  • Advocate parent involvement in the advancement of the school.
  • Establish and strengthen relational ties within the WCA community.
  • Carry on traditions (classroom and school wide) important in the life of the school.

Parents in Prayer

Parents in Prayer is an initiative of the parents and caregivers of WCA students to pray for the WCA community. The group meets weekly throughout the school year to pray for each student, faculty, and staff member as well as the mission of the school.

On any Friday, you’ll find them in the Third Floor Conference Room at 9:00 am. They pray for a different grade each week, providing a great way for parents and caregivers to meet other families associated with their children’s classmates.

The gatherings are friendly, informal sessions, open to all. Morning schedules can be busy, so participation is very flexible. Parents are welcome to just stop by, chat over a cup of coffee, and share a prayer request. Some may linger for a few minutes to pray, and others may stay for the whole session. People may pray silently or aloud. In each case, the opportunity to talk to God together and fellowship with the WCA community will be a great blessing!

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