Solidifying Their Identity

Middle School is a time of becoming. It is during the Middle School years that children solidify their identity and their understanding of reality. Our Middle School teachers craft an environment of acceptance where students feel a sense of belonging, where they develop self-confidence, self-awareness, and the vital disciplines of self-management and self-motivation. On the Middle School quest, students are encouraged to ask questions as they investigate the puzzles and mysteries of learning. This practice of inquiry leads students to master essential academic content and skills, develop moral and social sensitivities, and grow in virtue and spiritual vitality.

Becoming Academic Learners

Our Middle School students pursue a rigorous academic program that includes course work in Bible, English, History, Mathematics, Science, and Latin, as well as electives in Computer, Band, Art, Physical Education and Study Skills. They take greater responsibility for their education and learn to think critically about the material they are studying. They learn to follow directions, take and organize notes, outline information (from lecture or text books), maintain a notebook, prepare for tests independently, and manage their time efficiently.