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If you believe “the unexamined life is not worth living” and desire to communicate with passion what is true, beautiful and good, then you will fit in at WCA. We desire teachers and staff who are committed to the daily improvement of their own spirit, bodies and minds and ready to lead students toward the same lifestyle. We at WCA desire to set ourselves apart from the frenetic busyness of the postmodern age by focusing on what is eternal, rather than temporal.

Please see the list below for our Faculty and Staff Employment Opportunities. If interested, please send a resume and cover letter, including your Christian testimony and church background to

Current Faculty Openings:

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Lower School Classroom Teacher – Kindergarten and 4th Grade
Upper School (Grades 6-12) Math Teacher (Full or Part-time)
Upper School (Grades 6-12) Science Teacher (Full or Part-time) - primarily Biology, Environmental Science, and Anatomy and Physiology
Upper School (Grades 6-12) English Teacher (Full or Part-time)
Upper School Resource Teacher (Grades 6-12) (Full or Part-time)
Upper School History Teacher (Grades 6-12) (Full or Part-time)
Upper School Bible/Theology Teacher (Grades 6-12) (Full or Part-time) - High School Theology includes; Bible Survey, Church History, Systematic Theology, and Ethics and Apologetics.

Other Openings:

Business/Accounting/Operations Manager (Full-time) View Qualifications
College Guidance (Part-time)
Technology (Part-time)
Elective teachers: such as Robotics, STEM, Science, Art Teacher, PE (part-time)

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