International Students

International Student Program

Washington Christian Academy is an approved school to host international students. Here are some frequently asked questions related to this program:

When is the deadline for admission?

Washington Christian Academy offers rolling enrollment throughout the school year. The academic year runs from August – June and is divided into two semesters. WCA will accept qualified international student applicants up through September for the first semester and through mid-January for the second semester. International students are highly encouraged to apply for admittance and enrollment during the first semester to be best prepared and equipped for a successful school year.

What is involved in the application process?

The application process takes approximately 3-4 weeks to complete, depending on how quickly supplemental information is received and processed. To complete the application packet, WCA must receive the following:

  • Completed online application with submitted application fee
  • Student Questionnaire completed by the applicant in his/her own handwriting (applicable to grades 7-12)
  • 1 Teacher Recommendation from a recent English/History teacher
  • 1 Teacher Recommendation from a recent Math/Science teacher
  • Completed International Student Information Form
  • A copy of the applicant’s final report cards from the two most recent years of school completed
  • A copy of English Proficiency Test scores (TOEFL, Pre-TOEFL, SLEP, etc)
  • A copy of the applicant’s Passport and Birth Certificate
  • A copy of the applicant’s immunization record
  • A bank statement showing the family’s proof of ability to pay all tuition and fees
  • A Skype Interview with a school administrator to better know the applicant and assess English proficiency
  • Family Interview with Washington Christian Academy’s Head of School (via Skype or in person, as applicable)

What are the living arrangements for international students?

Washington Christian Academy believes it is paramount to partner with the family to afford a child the best opportunities possible. WCA is committed to interviewing, vetting, and securing safe and loving host families for international students. Host families are usually affiliates of WCA who have children who currently attend WCA or who are now alumni. A host family commits to welcoming your child as a member of their family and will provide food, shelter, loving care, transportation, and various other opportunities for your child. They will become an extension of your family as well. The Admission Team at Washington Christian Academy will work with international agents to secure host families for students, but WCA reserves the right to facilitate the host process. In some cases, students may live with relatives in the United States or with a host family recommended and vetted by the agent.

What are the tuition and fees due for international students?

Annual Tuition Rates for the 2018-2019 Academic Year:

Grades 6-8 – $21,998.00
Grades 9-12 – $23,598.00

Additional fees include the following:

  • $300 Application Fee
  • $650 Registration Fee and Tuition Deposit

In the Washington, DC metro area and surrounding communities, students can expect to pay, on average, $1200-$1700 per month to the host family to assist with room and board.

Tuition and fees may be paid to Washington Christian Academy through our online payment system, FACTS or via wire transfer. More information will be provided to you about payment options upon enrollment.

Does WCA offer international student insurance?

WCA does not offer international student insurance plans for newly enrolled international students. However, students are encouraged to select a third-party or independent plan that will best suit his/her needs. Many times, international student agents can assist families with this selection. WCA can provide some recommendations.

What educational assistance is available for international students?

Washington Christian Academy provides all students with access to a Resource Program without any additional fee. The Resource Program is designed to provide supplemental assistance to students in various academic areas, including English, foreign language, study skills, etc. Washington Christian Academy can also provide books to international students in their own languages with translations available (for example, novels, and Chinese/English Bible, etc). WCA will also assist students and their families and host families with securing a tutor if needed and as applicable. Study hall and peer tutoring through the National Honor Society is also available for students after school up until 5:00pm.

What technology is provided to students?

Washington Christian Academy has many different technology resources available for students including Chromebooks to use during the school day. With a teacher’s permission, students may bring in a laptop, though ample laptops are provided for student use, as well as the use of the computer lab.

Washington Christian Academy is also pleased to provide many STEM offerings, including, but not limited to, computer science, coding, robotics, etc. Also offered are a variety of AP courses.

Can international students participate in athletics, drama, and other extracurricular activities?

Absolutely! This is YOUR school, and we want you to enjoy your experience. If a student wishes to try out for something out, he/she is welcome and encouraged to do so! WCA offers various athletic, academic, dramatic, artistic, and musical activities.

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