Resource Program

A Commitment to Families

We are committed to educating students from a broad spectrum of the Christian community. One aspect of this diversity is that the student body will represent differing intellectual gifts, talents, and learning styles. The resource team is designed to support the classroom teachers with the task of educating students to develop their God given talent. The resource teachers act as consultants to teachers by providing supplemental materials, observing students, and offering insight on behavior management, learning environment, and academic concepts.

Lower School Resource Program

In the Lower School, resource teachers may help students with their class work, meet with a small group, or meet with students individually. They may review material for better understanding or help to solidify new concepts with extra practice. Screening assessments will be offered in the early grades to determine if preventative resource services are needed for students at risk for academic difficulties.

Middle & High School Resource Program

In the Middle and Upper Schools, the resource teachers assist students with study skills such as organizing their materials and homework, study strategies for test-taking, and long-term project planning and report writing, usually on a one-on-one basis. The assistance may be short or long-term, depending on the student’s needs. The classroom teachers and resource team will work together to help educate these covenant children with varying abilities so that they may occupy their places worthily in society, church and state.

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