Faculty & Staff

Teachers who are extraordinary individuals

Our faculty believe “the unexamined life is not worth living” and desire to communicate with passion what is true, beautiful and good. We are a group of teachers and staff who are committed to the daily improvement of their own spirits, bodies and minds and ready to lead students toward the same lifestyle. We at WCA strive to set ourselves apart from the frenetic busyness of the postmodern age by focusing on what is eternal, rather than temporal.

Great Teachers are Great Artists

Washington Christian Academy’s faculty is a gifted, diverse, and dedicated group of teachers from a variety of backgrounds. United by their faith in Christ and commitment to Christian education, they combine impressive knowledge of their subjects with real passion for teaching. WCA teachers are committed to the success of each of their students, calling them to high standards in a climate of abundant grace and caring. Nearly half of our faculty have advanced degrees. Great teachers are great artists, and ours have sculpted an experience that kindles a sense of wonder and delight that fosters a taste for what is good and noble.

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