Adventure Outside the Classroom

Our adventure in education extends beyond the classroom and incorporates seeing and doing into the learning experience.  These experinces take many forms and take place at all grade levels of the school. The list below represents just a sample.

History Day and Night

Every spring the entire Lower School celebrates history during a particular week.  Each class focuses on a particular geographical location and historical period.  Classrooms transform into Roman Temples, Egyptian Tombs, and Early American Log Cabins. The students display artwork associated with their theme and present a program for parents that includes music and at times dance.  You have to see it to believe it!

Maryland Cake Day

As the culminating event for the fifth grade unit on Maryland geography, each student brings a cake which is cut into the shape of the county in Maryland they have been studying.  Each county cake is decorated using icing and candy to display the significant features of that county. Finally each county is assembled into the entire state of Maryland and stretches over six feet wide! If you ask a Senior at WCA which county they studied, everyone of them will remember and still be able to tell you about that county's features.

Spruce Lake Outdoor Education Retreat

Students can't wait to get to sixth grade and get their turn to experience the Spruce Lake Retreat. Along with a healthy group of parent chaperones, the sixth grade science teacher takes the group on a three day trip to the Spruce Lake Retreat and Conference Center. In addition to great times of community and bonding, students participate in team-building activites and outdoor science education.  This trip is typically in the "top ten" of students most memorable experiences at WCA.

New York City Cloisters Museum

One of the favorite High School experiences is the all-day trip to New York City to see the Metropolitan Museum of Art and the Cloisters Museum. This is America's only museum dedicated exclusively to the art of the middle ages. This trip brings to life the study that our Junior class does in both history and literature.