Tuition Assistance

Committed to Economic Diversity

WCA is committed to doing its part in helping families. We have a long history of assisting families and remain committed to maintaining our heritage of cultural, ethnic, and economic diversity. 

How do I apply?tuition assistance

To help ensure that the financial need is determined objectively and appropriately, WCA uses the 3rd party “Facts Grant and Aid Management” system, also used by many other private schools for this purpose. To get started, visit the Facts Website where you complete and submit your application .

How much would my award be?

Typical awards are between 10% and 50% off tuition, based on need. Awards can be larger than 50%, but this is less typical.

How will WCA decide the amount of the award?

The WCA Tuition Assistance Committee utilizes information from Facts to help determine the need and the amount of the award. The committee does not have a specific formula to determine the award amount, but seeks to take into account each family's individual circumstances.

Is there a specific income level that makes a family ineligible for an award?

No – Facts takes into account many factors in addition to income to calculate the need.

What about future years at WCA?

Tuition Assistance Awards are good for up to three years, assuming the financial circumstances of the family do not significantly change.

Is there a deadline to apply?

No – WCA has a rolling admission timeframe and the Tuition Assistance process parallels the admission process.

What if I have more than one student?

WCA does not have an automatic multiple-student discount. However, because multiple students significantly increase the tuition, a family’s need would be greater and would more likely receive a larger tuition assistance award.

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