Spiritual Life

Spiritual Life

Helping our students to grow in their spiritual life is one of the core elements of our mission at WCA.  There are many formal and informal ways this happens every day at WCA.

Faculty Members with a lively Faith

Our primary means to encourage spiritual growth in our students is to have them spending time with our wonderful faculty members.  We all share a passion for Jesus Christ and know that it is “contagious”!  We lead students to “taste and see that the Lord is good” by setting before them, throughout the day, faculty that have themselves tasted that goodness.

Discipleship Groupsspiritual_life

Once a month, we take time to meet with students in smaller groups, often discussing topics recently presented in our chapel services.  This provides a great opportunity to talk with students and get their thoughts and perspectives on issues of faith.

See you at the Pole

Each year a student-led group meets at the flagpole in the front of our school to join with students in other schools and pray for our country.

Spiritual Life Committee

One of the important committees within our student government system is the Spiritual Life Committee.  This group of students works on ways that the students, as a community, can challenge and encourage one another in their walk with Christ.  Often they have regular times of prayer and will also sponsor weekly bible studies.

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