Webinar: Life Outside the Classroom at WCA

Children vary in so many ways! Every child is like no other, yet each of them holds so many qualities in common with others as they are created in God's image. We understand your child is a unique blend of abilities, needs and motivations.

An important question many parents face is how to give their young adult the best opportunity to thrive and develop their God given unique talents. We want to show you how WCA is partnering with parent's just like you in helping form well rounded young adults beyond the classroom.

This recorded webinar will tell you how WCA meets these challenges as we answer these and other questions:

  • Will my child fit in at a Christian school?
  • Is there anything to do at the school outside of class?
  • What are the opportunities for my teenager to become involved?
  • Are other students “normal” or “like my child"?
  • Will my child make friends?
  • Is my child going to enjoy school?
Collage of WCA Students doing community service, playing sports, and performing in a theater production

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