Our Olney Campus

A Place of Beauty

Situated off a rustic road, encircled by forest, the rural setting of our campus is a beautiful private garden of opportunity in the midst of the greater Washington, D.C. area.

WCA_Aerial_View-1.jpgMontgomery County has designated Batchellors Forest Road as a rural road, so the school’s pastoral location will be maintained into the future. Portions of the acreage have been deemed environmental areas that cannot be developed, which provide educational opportunities in themselves.


A Place of Belonging

Washington Christian Academy is more than just a school, it is a community of families who share common faith, values and goals. Those qualities find expression in a dynamic and intimate community life revolving around a mutual commitment to Christ.

The entire WCA community is in one location, simplifying scheduling and commuting for families and enhancing community life and encouraging family involvement.

A Place of Reverence

A serene woodland setting provides an engaging context for worship as well as for education.

With our campus as a home base, WCA and its families are positioned to have a profound impact throughout the region, the country, and the world for the kingdom of Christ.

The campus creates an opportunity for the school to extend its mission, reaching more families and serving a wider geographic area.

A Place of Learning

The Lower School20140509_135639_Batchellors_Forest_Rd.jpg

The adventure begins here with an entire floor designed to create a sense of wonder and delight in Lower School children. The colors and textures selected provide a pleasing environment for young energetic learners.

Oversized windows bring an abundance of natural light into the spacious, attractive classrooms, providing a window to the world they will be discovering.

The Middle School

The second floor is home to a dedicated Middle School division which is designed for young people who are discovering their identity and interests and realizing the heightened importance of social relationships.

Student commons and the dining area provide gathering places for socializing and group activities.

The budding academic interests of Middle Schoolers are cultivated in large classrooms that provide a variety of learning experiences. These experiences include science activities in a lab designed for exploration and adventure, art & music classes, and training in the use of technology.

The Upper School

Third floor classrooms with a panoramic view of the campus are designed to create a collegiate style environment and experience.

Fully equipped labs enable students to be on the cutting edge of science education.

In custom classrooms, such as a computer lab and Music & Art rooms, students focus on special areas of interest and exercise their gifts.

A college and career center provides guidance to students as they investigate their future possibilities.

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