Middle School Curriculum

Middle School Curriculum

Our Middle School program is designed to build upon the foundational skills of reading, writing, and computation developed in Lower School, allowing our students to continue practicing and applying those skills.  The subject area knowledge and application skills are further developed to prepare them to successfully enter our rigorous, college-preparatory High School.

The Middle School curriculum continues our intentionally interdisciplinary approach.  We train our students to see connections between the various disciplines (e.g. between literature, history and art but also between science, mathematics, and the humanities—how do the ways of thinking in each discipline compare and how are they different?).  

And, our classes integrate a Christian worldview throughout the program, exploring each subject from a biblical perspective of truth, knowledge and understanding.  This worldview is brought to bear on the material, and students are challenged to apply it to a variety of disciplines and topics.  

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To accomplish the objectives explained above, our Middle School curriculum includes six foundational areas of study and an array of elective courses designed to introduce students to the arts and other potential areas of interest.

Core Disciplines:







Elective Areas:


Studio Arts


Physical Education


Detailed descriptions are available in our Middle School Course Catalog.

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