A Time of Transition

Middle School is a time of great transition for young people. It is with this knowledge in mind that we focus on teaching the good to our 6th, 7th, and 8th graders. All good things come from the Creator, so learning the skill of reverence--for one’s world, one’s peers, and one’s self--is essential to understanding how to see the light in the darkness.

A key part of learning the good is learning the logic of how the facts students have accrued in Lower School fit together to make a cohesive body of knowledge. Latin is a required course in Middle School, training students in the bedrock principles of the language so they can approach the High School with a solid foundation for writing and rhetoric.

Character Formation

Character formation begins in earnest during these years. The basis of Godly character is a true reliance on grace. We cannot save ourselves nor live as Christians in the world apart from this understanding. However, we also possess free will. With this great gift of freedom comes a responsibility to live with holiness, lest we take His grace for granted.

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