A Time of Adventure

Lower School is a time of discovering the world, a time of adventure. The secure and affirming environment of the Lower School frees children to explore their curiosities and budding spiritual interests. Great teachers are great artists and ours have sculpted a Lower School experience that kindles a sense of wonder and delight, that fosters a taste for what is good and noble. In this early stage of their adventure, students form the habits of success, make their initial forays into the world of knowledge, develop the critical ability to learn how to learn, and give birth to a moral imagination that enables them to envision a future of infinite possibilities.

Social Development

They also learn to live in a social environment where they begin to balance their own needs and desires with those of others, where they are called to share, to consider the feelings of classmates, and to be supportive of their peers.

Joy and Wonder

Most importantly, they begin to experience the joy and wonder of discovering their Father’s world. They are taught to apply biblical truths to all their subjects and are trained to Biblical standards for behavior.