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Kindergarten - A Time of Discovery

Kindergarten is a time of discovery, when each day holds the prospect of wonderful surprises and fresh delights. Children’s natural curiosity makes learning an exciting and ongoing experience. It is also a time when children first begin to assume the role of “students” and are introduced to the routines, procedures, and responsibilities of the Lower School. They are called to biblically-based behavior that lovingly reminds them of what God expects from us and how He wants us to live. In Kindergarten, children begin to build a solid foundation of learning.

Program Highlights

Lessons and activities are prepared for all types of learners in the areas of language arts, mathematics, science, history, geography, and Bible. Instruction is offered in a variety of formats - whole group, small group, and individually - as children are guided by their teacher and encouraged to help each other. Children also work on their social skills, with guidelines established to help students learn how to interact appropriately with their peers. Centers are setup around the classroom to provide additional opportunities for children to work together and interact appropriately while engaging in work and play.

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