Knowledge Leading to Understanding

The High School is where students put grammar and logic together to begin thinking for themselves. By this time, they have accrued a base of knowledge and a logical understanding of how that knowledge fits together. Now they test that knowledge against their own opinions and the opinions of the world around them, finally discerning what is true.

Upon graduation from the High School, students will have the tools to approach any new subject over the course of their lives in a reasoned and rigorous method.

Our High School theology curriculum focuses on the reality and historicity of the life, work, and resurrection of Jesus, not only for our salvation, but also for living the Christian life. Beginning with Systematic Theology and ending with Ethics and Apologetics, we approach the Christian worldview in a reasoned and scholarly way. Students are introduced to hermeneutics, Biblical exegesis and philosophy during these years.

Because of the advanced nature of our college preparatory liberal arts curriculum, there will occasionally be works of literature studied that contain examples of ideas or situations that are considered antithetical to traditional Christian morality. It is our belief that it is better for students to encounter such inevitable themes in a controlled classroom with Christian students and teachers, rather than on their own on TV or the Internet.