History & Governance   

The Washington Christian School Society

The Washington Christian School Society is WCA’s formal ownership organization and was established at the founding of our school in 1960.

Many Christian schools are owned by and associated with particular churches or denominations. The founders of WCA were members of several churches and intentionally created a separate organization to own and govern the school. They saw the benefit of that independence to better represent and serve a broader Christian community. The families currently enrolled at WCA represent over 80 different churches and denominations.

The Society’s role in WCA’s governance primarily includes:

Society members can also support the school by serving on Board committees.

Why should I join?

Joining the Society is a way to support Christian education in general and WCA in particular. Maintaining a strong and vibrant Society is fundamental to sustaining and advancing our mission and vision. Members become involved in the life of the school and take an active role in its governance and accountability.

Most people initially become associated with WCA as they enroll their children. For many over the years, as they experience what it happening at WCA and see how the Lord is using it build His Kingdom, they want to participate in a larger way. Becoming a member of the Society is one important way to join in this privileged work.

Who can join the Society?

The Society is composed of Christians who have chosen to devote their time and talents to the promotion of Christian education from a Reformed perspective and specifically to the development and advancement of WCA.

To be a member, you must:

Society members include parents, grandparents, alumni, alumni parents, faculty, staff, spouses, school founders, and other supporters, reflecting a broad base of Christian support.

Though many school parents are members, it is important to understand the Society is not a parent advocacy organization like a PTA. And, it is open to those outside the school community who meet the membership requirements and have a desire to support Reformed Christian education and WCA.

How do I apply?

Simply complete an application and pay a $10 annual membership fee. Board members and school administrative staff are available at meetings to answer questions about membership and can also be reached by contacting the school.

Download Society Application

What are the Reformed Standards?

The Reformed Standards are a collection of the following doctrinal statements that summarize and reflect the truth of Scriptures from a Reformed perspective:

Copies of the Reformed confessions are accessible here. If you’re thinking of joining the Society and are not familiar with these confessions, reading one or more would be the next step!