Fall Sports

Varsity and Middle School Soccer

Middle School Boys and Girls

Soccer at the Middle School level focuses on fun and the development of individual skills as well as understanding teamwork and sportsmanship. The development of skills centers on the concept of total soccer. Each player is offered an opportunity to learn the skills necessary to become a total soccer player. The Middle School has a boys soccer team and a girls soccer team. These teams have around 3 events a week and play about 8-10 games each season. Each player at the Middle School level can expect to get some playing time at each game, granted they have participated in practices and the life of the team.

Varsity Boys and Girlsfall_sports

Varsity soccer offers the continued focus on technical growth with a heavier emphasis placed on tactical understanding. The overall theme of total soccer manifests itself through individual expression that benefits the team. At the varsity level, players are expected to have an understanding of the game and its rules. The varsity soccer programs at WCA have always finished at or near the top of the league. Playing time at the varsity level is earned through effort and talent. Not all varsity players will get playing time in each game. The varsity soccer teams typically have 5 events per week and play 15-20 games each season.

Varsity Girls Volleyball

Varsity volleyball training emphasizes skill development with the addition of varsity level tactical arrangements and adjustments. Coaches strive to teach players proper fundamentals and technique, emphasizing the importance of honing each individual skill for total preparation for each game. The volleyball program at WCA has a rich tradition of league championships as well as a state championship. The varsity volleyball team typically has 5 events per week and around 15 matches each season.

Cross Country

The cross country program continues to grow each year and is open to high school boys and girls. The team attends several meets through the fall season, culminating with a conference championship meet. The team practices on campus and the surrounding local area. The team usually attends a meet once a week or once every two weeks.

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