We are an amazing community

Distinctively Strong

One of the important distinctives of Washington Christian Academy is the strength of our community. Parents are visible every day on campus, supporting the work of the teachers and being involved in all that we are doing. Many families make lifelong friends through the relationships built at WCA. Events such as our annual Bazaar always bring past friends and alumni back to the school to see one another and catch up on each others' lives. WCA graduates continue their friendships into college and beyond. As a community, we recognize that we are all partners in raising our children to worthily fulfill their places in society, church and state.

Racially and Ethnically Diverse

Before the civil rights marches of the early sixties and before Martin Luther King, Jr. stood in Washington and said he had a dream, a group of families quietly gathered in Silver Spring with the intent of starting a Christian school that would be free of racial barriers. To make that vision of a diverse school community a reality, families, using their own vehicles and at their own expense, drove into Washington, D.C., picked up minority students in the morning, brought them to school, then took them home every afternoon. That commitment remains a core value at Washington Christian Academy over five decades later. Historically, over fifty percent of our students have been students of color.