The Paideia

Washington Christian Academy is a college preparatory school dedicated to what the ancient Greeks called Paideia--educating both the heart and mind to love what is true, beautiful, and good. This guiding principle--that the goal is not to position students for merely material success, but to provide them with the tools they need to truly flourish in all areas of life--is at the heart of everything we do.

We believe that we are inheritors of a great tradition that began with the ancient Greeks and continues to this day. All of our students, no matter where they are from, become a part of this great tradition the minute they enter beneath the arched facade of our building. Our goal is to teach students to know what Plato called “the good, the true, and the beautiful.”

To this end, we teach primarily from foundational texts in the canon of Western literature--what Matthew Arnold called “the best which has been thought and said.” This tradition is characterized by an intellectual spirit of inquiry and method of reason, which, once learned, enable students to follow the life of the mind wherever it might lead them.

To educate our hearts in goodness, we must read the great thinkers in history and evaluate their work in the light of God’s Word. The mind must be honed by logic and reason to grasp truth wherever it lays. The beauty of art and music provide for us a unique insight into the mind of our creator God.