Affording Christian Education - Other Sources and Payment Plans

This is the third article in our series on Affording Christian education. In the first two articles I talked about typical policies for private schools and some tuition discounts that might be availble. In this article I'll discuss some other sources for tuition funding and what you should expect from schools related to payment plans.

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Posted by David Hawes on 5/14/2019

Counting Every Blessing - Student Blog

Today in our blog, we're sharing an article written by one of our 10th grade students. We held a contest and this was the winning entry. We hope you enjoy reading a student's perspective on her WCA experience.

Under the gentle rays of the sunrise, the world around us is bathed in an ethereal, golden glow. Copper and tangerine hues radiate through the sky, breaking through the previous dark of night. My grandma likes to say that each morning, God paints the sky anew for us to begin our days in unadulterated awe.

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Posted by David Hawes on 4/18/2019

3 Reasons to Send Your Child to a Christian School

There are so many options facing Christian parents today regarding the choice of a school. Parents in many areas may have access to amazing public and charter schools that really prepare children intellectually for their future. However, these same parents may worry the material being taught will challenge the Christian faith that they are working hard to impart to their students. The best Christian schools help parents to avoid choosing between the faith development and the intellectual development of their children.

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Posted by David Hawes on 6/30/2015

3 Key Roles of a Christian School Teacher in your Child's Life

As a Christian parent, are you considering who you'll be entrusting the care of your child to for the majority of their waking hours during the week?  You ought to and should seek to understand what a teacher's role in the life of your child will be at a Christian elementary school.

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Posted by David Hawes on 4/28/2015

Can you afford to not give your child a Christian Education?

The education of a child is more than learning the ABC’s or determining whether a student has accomplished certain achievement levels in math or science.  For Christian families a child’s life and how he or she will develop as a whole person is even more important than academic measurements. Every parent understands the stresses and challenges of making ends meet in the home in order to sacrifice for a child.  The one sacrifice that all caring Christian parents are committed to is insuring that their child will develop spiritually with a sound religious character which will enhance their adult life and family.

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Posted by David Hawes on 4/30/2014