Conversation Starters for the Dinner Table

In this day and age, it can be very difficult to have consistent family times around the dinner table. Busy schedules, cell phones, and TV, provide distractions that threaten to steal from valuable family bonding during meal times, especially as children get older.

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Posted by Nathan Moe on 11/12/2018

Five Questions to Ask Christian Schools

Every private school is different and that includes Christian schools. Though some of the foundation principles are likely to be similar, there are certainly going to be differences that reflect each school's priorities or way they carry out their mission. In many cases the differences don't mean that one school is better than the other - just different. Here are a few questions to ask that will help you identify the differences and decide which environment would best fit your family. 

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Posted by David Hawes on 11/2/2018

7 Ways to Nurture a Servant's Heart in Your Child

Teaching your child to serve isn't always an easy task but it is a key aspect of our Christian faith.

Here are some ways to nurture a servant's heart in your child.


Explain why it is important to serve. Matthew 25:36-40 gives us clear guidance about the way we treat others.

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Posted by Juliette Sivertsen on 9/1/2015

3 Ways to Encourage Your Child to Have Daily Quiet Time With God

Spending quiet time with God is a crucial part of your child’s faith development and personal journey. Learning to be still with the Lord and blocking out distractions can take some time. But encouraging good habits and personal devotions early on in life will see your child develop a strong faith to help him through his school years and beyond.

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Posted by Juliette Sivertsen on 7/14/2015