A Checklist for Your High School Senior for the College Admission Process

There's a lot for your senior to do to successfully navigate the college admission process. We've been ushering students through this for many years and have put together a checklist to help them know what they should take responsibility for. Parents, you might be tempted to step in and take over but we'd strongly caution you against doing these things for your child. Your child will be on their own in college - if they aren't able to take responsibility and complete these items themselves, then they probably won't be able to handle the responsibilities that college itself will bring.

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Posted by David Hawes on 10/19/2018

Tips for Working with your High School Senior in the College Decision Process

You as a parent know your student's strengths and weaknesses and can uniquely guide them accordingly, assisting them in their college decision process. Certainly, a parent should use wisdom and balance in this, as it could be easy for the student to feel that the decision is being made for them. At the same time, they will need your help and support. As is true in many other areas of parenting, the trick is to maintain a good balance between the extremes. Here are a few tips to assist in this process for you and your student:

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Posted by Nathan Moe on 10/16/2018

Is Your High School Senior Getting Stressed Out?

If you have a child who is currently a senior in high school, you know that the application process is heating up, deadlines are approaching, and the school-work required for seniors at academically challenging schools continues. In many ways, the transition to college for your child starts during the senior year with the assumption of responsibility in the college process and can bring with it an added measure of stress. 

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Posted by David Hawes on 10/12/2018

WCA Thesis & Internships - A Unique High School Experience

The Washington Christian Academy Senior Thesis and Internship Program challenges our seniors to think critically and Christianly about a topic of particular interest to them and then to explore how that issue is played out in the workplace. All this is done in a friendly, challenging environment where faculty and students together pursue “the good, the true, and the beautiful,” all to the glory of God.

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Posted by David Hawes on 10/9/2018

How to Make Mealtimes Work for Your Family

If I told you that spending mealtime together as a family is an important way to stay connected to your children and build family strength and unity, I feel like you’d give me the answer from the Geico commercial - “Everybody Knows That!!” But, not everybody knows how to make it happen - to actually be together during a meal. Here are a few thoughts that have helped my family and others to accomplish the goal.

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Posted by David Hawes on 9/11/2018

Questions to Ask When Visiting a Private School

As you head out to visit schools you are considering for your child, I'm sure you've got a set of questions ready to ask. I always encourage folks to visit and I believe that this is the best time to roll out your questions, as opposed to asking through email or over the phone. In person you will know who you are talking to and receive all of the non-verbal aspects of the question and answer interchange. I've listed below a few questions that might not be on your list and the reasons I think these are important.

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Posted by David Hawes on 4/4/2018

Three Items to Consider when Visiting a Private School

So, you are considering private school as an option for your child and are (wisely) planning to visit one or more schools.  If you are just beginning this process, you might be unsure how to make the best use of your time and get the most out of your visit. This post is the first in a two part series that addresses some things to consider and questions to ask that you might not have on your list.

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Posted by David Hawes on 3/16/2018

Introducing: The Christian School vs. Public School Ebook

You may have noticed in the past we have written several parts in a blog series about four questions Christian families should consider when deciding which school their children should attend. We decided it would be beneficial to wrap up all five of these parts, combining them into a single Ebook, for your convenience. Our wish is for it to make your decision a bit easier, in a process that can be somewhat challenging to navigate. Hopefully, it will give you new insight, or perhaps an alternate perspective on an important topic.

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Posted by Nathan Moe on 7/19/2017

Ten Important Elements in a Kindergarten Program

The selection of a Kindergarten program can be the first significant educational decision parents make for their children.  And if this is a family’s first child, parents haven’t had to make this decision before.  The large number of schools and program options can make it seem almost impossible to find the right or best choice!

Step one is understanding which of the various elements of a Kindergarten program are the most important. We asked our Kindergarten teacher at Washington Christian Academy to tell us which elements she thought mattered most, and here they are:

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Posted by David Hawes on 4/21/2017

Reasons Christian Parents Don’t Send Their Children to Christian Schools - Part 5

I’ve made it to the final post in my series on the main four reasons I hear from Christian parents that choose not to send their children to Christian schools.  The first post gave a quick summary and I’ve explored each reason in more detail through the series.  The four reason I’ve been addressing are:

  • Christian schools have “bad kids” just like public schools
  • Teachers in Christian schools are generally less qualified
  • Christian schools lack the resource advantages of public school funding
  • Christian children should be evangelists in the public schools
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Posted by David Hawes on 2/13/2017