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Posted by David Hawes on 4/18/2019

Today in our blog, we're sharing an article written by one of our 10th grade students. We held a contest and this was the winning entry. We hope you enjoy reading a student's perspective on her WCA experience.

Under the gentle rays of the sunrise, the world around us is bathed in an ethereal, golden glow. Copper and tangerine hues radiate through the sky, breaking through the previous dark of night. My grandma likes to say that each morning, God paints the sky anew for us to begin our days in unadulterated awe.

The sun reflects brightly off the hood of our minivan. Our morning drive is roughly forty-five minutes, so my Mom, sister, and I take this time to enjoy sunrises like this one. I am enveloped in the vivid colors, until a song attracts my attention. The lyrics ignite an unnameable nostalgic feeling. It is a simple Christian song, yet the words pushed me to share my thoughts with you now:Counting

I am counting every blessing, counting every blessing
Letting go and trusting when I cannot see
I am counting every blessing, counting every blessing
Surely every season You are good to me.

I had heard the song before, but never had the lyrics impacted such a vulnerable part of me. I considered the multitude of blessings that I have in my life, one of the largest ones being my time at WCA. In each stage of my growth spiritually and academically, WCA has nurtured my interests and allowed my faith to develop immensely.

Lower School Years

Beginning during my time as a student in lower school, WCA has helped me develop an inquisitive approach to learning. Copying scripture verses and studying the mysteries of Ancient Egypt in Mrs. Nola’s first grade class captivated my interest, and field trips to art galleries and emulating Chinese paint techniques in second grade are fond memories on which I often reflect. In third grade, reenacting Julius Caesar developed not only small skills such as projection and memorization, but memories that my classmates and I still recall almost seven years later. Perfecting my cursive, learning the history of medieval knights and ladies in their own search for God, but also learning how to knit and learning the past of our own beautiful country are just fragments of the infinite knowledge WCA has taught me.

Priceless Lessons

In both the lower and middle school, I learned how our faith is intertwined in academic aspects. I learned priceless lessons, such as how art reflects God’s own creativity, how our knowledge is a mirroring of his omniscience, and how each action we make is a choice between our sinfulness and His ways. I saw faith integrated into every aspect of life at WCA: in prayer before meals, in the chorus of joyful students at chapel, in unity and community within our sports teams, or in the classrooms during prayer requests. Faith acts as a formidable common ground for community throughout the entire school.

Any school can give someone some means of education, but WCA tailors a unique academic experience through a grounded Christian worldview. In high school, I am now taught how to approach ideas such as civil disobedience and ancient stoicism with a Christian perspective. Furthermore, I am learning more each day how to interact with a world full of diverse political and religious opinions respectfully, while still practicing my own faith.

But looking past these valuable lessons, WCA heavily aided each stage of my development as a person. When my parents were separating, my teachers extended sincere kindness towards me in their actions and words.

Help Through Every Season of Life

When my mom was getting remarried, my fourth grade teacher and I had a loving, personal chat that I remember to this day. When my grandpa passed away, my friends and teachers at WCA prayed with me and supported me during this time of loss. When reflecting on these examples of support and love within the faculty and friendships I developed, I am reminded of the lyrics in “Counting Every Blessing”. .

"Surely every season you are good to me

In each season of my life, God has blessed me with people at WCA that guided me in the right direction.

I am now looking at my last two years at WCA. More and more each day, I am realizing how rapidly my childhood is slipping away from me. I face the trials ahead with some anxiety, but also confidence in what I have learned in my time here. In the final chorus of the song, it states:

You’re my strength, my hope for tomorrow,
I’ve been blessed beyond all measure.”

I have courage and knowledge rooted in faith to confront any trials that befall me in college, jobs, or in my personal life. Though I admit that I am human and by definition imperfect, I am now consciously striving to count all the blessings God has graciously bestowed on me. The blessing of my education and faith given to me at WCA encourages me to look to God for my hope and strength, for both tomorrow and forever.

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