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Learning to Juggle Urgent and Important Tasks as a High School Student

More so than at any point in their previous academic lives, high school students must learn to juggle. They have to figure out how to be successful in high school classes and extracurricular activities while doing all the other things they enjoy. If you’re in high school, you’ve got to pass that chemistry test on Tuesday, finish your Geometry homework, give all you've got in the soccer practice, have dinner with your family, and attend your mid-week youth group meeting.

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Posted by Washington Christian Academy on 6/1/2016

A Balancing Act: Extracurricular Activities Can Prepare Your Child for Success in College

Learning to balance extracurricular activities and school work can be a difficult task for high school students. Academically inclined high schoolers may want to focus exclusively on getting straight A's. Those with less academic aptitude might prefer to focus instead on a variety of extracurricular activities. But competitive colleges want students who demonstrate success in both extracurricular activities and in academics. Successful students should choose a small number of extracurricular activities that match their interests and abilities. Here's why.

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Posted by Washington Christian Academy on 5/25/2016

Take Charge of Your Child’s Future: 4 Important Ways Your High School Student Should Prepare For College

Your high school child may be doing well in school, but is he or she ready to succeed in college? Ongoing national test scores and surveys have shown time and time again that not only do a majority of high school seniors feel unprepared for college, they are unprepared. These students are nonetheless being admitted and charged thousands of dollars for the chance to waste four years of their lives. If you want your child to be ready to benefit from a college education make sure he is doing these four things in high school.

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Posted by Washington Christian Academy on 5/12/2016

7 Ways to Get Kids to Talk About Their School Day

No matter how solid the relationship is between a parent and a child, it can be tricky to get kids to talk about their day at school. But that kind of communication is vital as it can help you learn more about your child's interests, strengths and weaknesses. It may also alert you to any areas of concern that might arise, such difficulty in school, fights with friends, bullying on the playground, behavioral issues, or other important matters.

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Posted by Washington Christian Academy on 10/6/2015

A Balanced Approach to Athletics in Your Child’s Education: 3 Thoughts to Consider

Many boys and girls who grow up on athletic fields aspire to one day play sports in college and even professionally.  However, according to the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA), of the nearly eight million students currently participating in high school athletics in the United States, only 5.75% of them will compete at the college level.  And of that group, only a fraction will go on to compete as a professional athlete.

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Posted by Washington Christian Academy on 9/8/2015

How to Raise a Reader: A Parent’s Guide

Reading is a rewarding skill that lasts a lifetime. It has a multitude of benefits, including improved concentration, developed imagination and it is shown to improve academic performance.

Even so, reading is a skill that must be nurtured. While teachers can improve a student’s interest in learning in the classroom, parents also need to instill a love of reading in the home. Here are some ideas on how to raise a reader:

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Posted by Washington Christian Academy on 8/18/2015

5 Ways to Make the First Day of Kindergarten a Stellar Experience

For many children, the first day of kindergarten is a memorable experience. It is the first step on a long educational journey.  Parents can help their child get their school year off on the right foot by being prepared. Here are 5 ways parents can prepare for the first day of kindergarten so their children can enter the classroom with confidence:

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Posted by Washington Christian Academy on 8/11/2015

Washington Christian Academy Offers Students a Unique College Preparation Experience

Long before high school students at Washington Christian Academy begin the process of college selection, SAT testing and application completion, their preparation for college is already well underway.  As a matter of fact, long before they even enter middle school, their preparation for college is well underway.  As a result of the school’s mission driven philosophy and academic mindset, college preparation at Washington Christian Academy actually begins in kindergarten.

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Posted by Washington Christian Academy on 8/4/2015

How Early is Too Early to Begin Preparing Your Child for College?

If you are the parent of a preschool-aged child whose world currently revolves around nap times and diaper changes, the thought of preparing your child for college may be about the last thing on your mind.  Though college may be but a distant speck on the horizon, believe it or not, it is never too early to start thinking about and even take steps to prepare your child for what lies ahead.

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Posted by Washington Christian Academy on 7/28/2015

How to Afford College: Tips for Parents of Young Children

In the last 10 years the price for an undergraduate education has risen between 30-40%. In all likelihood, it will only continue to rise. That is why most financial analysts advise parents to start saving for college earlier, rather than later.

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Posted by Washington Christian Academy on 7/21/2015