Your child belongs at WCA if you want an experience for them that is...


We educate our children to examine all things in the light of God's glory. A Christian school plays a vital role in forming mature, thoughtful disciples. At Washington Christian Academy, the progression begins with Bible verses in early grades, continues with Scripture study and church history, and includes theology and ethics in the Upper School years.


We believe that God is the source of all creation and all truth; therefore we teach and learn with enthusiasm and vigor, never with narrowness or fear. We study all things through a biblical lens. For this reason, we do not limit ourselves to a "Christian" curriculum. We study the same source materials and aim at the same standard as the best schools, religious or secular; we always seek to develop both intellectual integrity and Christian discernment in our students.

...Academically Serious

Our curriculum represents the full range of arts and sciences, physical education and sports, drama and music. Our goal is to lead students to the highest academic levels of which they are capable. But the higher goal remains the formation of persons toward their fullest capabilities as men and women made in the image of God. We believe that these goals are compatible and complementary.