Athletic Philosophy

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The Athletic Department exists to give students the opportunity for competition and fun within the context of the greater WCA mission. Our athletic experience is one that seeks to challenge and grow our students physically, spiritually, and mentally. Our goal is that the students learn the skills and tactics of the game alongside Christ-like virtues and ideals.

Participating in athletics brings with it a variety of situations and experiences, some challenging and frustrating, others exhilarating and joyful. Competition can bring out the best and the worst of an athlete. Our coaches are committed to teaching their athletes Christ-like character in the midst of competition, praising them when their athletes show their best character and correcting them when they show their worst character. We recognize that there are countless teaching moments in any given sports season and our coaches are there for those moments, whether the coach teaches the player something about the game or the coach teaches the player something about living for Christ. We do not measure success based on wins and losses but based on the experience that the students have and what lessons they take away from the season.

WCA strives to compete at a high level of competition but never at the expense of its mission. We do not offer athletics in order to give students championships, but instead to build their character. Working hard and working together toward the pursuit of excellence can be a worthy cause, but never as important as working toward Christ-like character. When these two come together - pursuit of Christ-like character followed by a team pursuit of excellence - then the season becomes truly successful.

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