Athletic Philosophy

The Athletic Program exists to give students the opportunity for competition and fun within the context of the greater WCA mission. Our athletic experience is one that seeks to challenge and grow our students physically, spiritually, and mentally. Our goal is that the students learn the skills and tactics of the game alongside Christ-like virtues and ideals.

We are committed to competing at the highest level possible and our coaches push the athletes to reach their best potential. We offer a unique selection of sports for the size of our school - 12 varsity sports and 9 middle school sports - and have very high participation rates each year. Our goal is to win championships and do so with outstanding character and sportsmanship, representing Christ as well as we can.

Participating in athletics brings with it a variety of situations and experiences, some challenging and frustrating, others exhilarating and joyful. At the end of the season we want our student-athletes to feel they competed well and they are walking away with important lessons learned like teamwork, commitment, and how to handle failure and success.