In the Footsteps of Our Creator

Our Arts Program is inspired by the fact that our Lord is the original Creator. We believe His great works are the model for all artists desiring to create work that is beautiful, true and good.

We also believe modern life moves too fast and that true epiphany can only be found in contemplation, which requires patience and perseverance. The creation of art, whether it be a poem, a painting, or a play, can be a forum for these spiritual reveries and for the glorification of God.

Some Highlights of our Arts Program


Every WCA student is required to participate in Choir. Backed by our Ensemble Band, students lift their voices high to God to glorify Him and the talents God has given them. Each semester of Choir class culminates in a performance for the entire school community. 

Visiting Artist

Each year, the Art Department invites a working visual artist to judge a visual arts competition and give a talk to students on what life is like as a professional in the sophisticated and exciting world of the arts. This is an exciting event much beloved by students!