Contemplating the Grand and Eternal

In a world obsessed with the trivial and the temporal, we train students for a lifetime of contemplating the grand and the eternal. We believe we are creatures made in the image of God, and so our minds must be cultivated like grapes on the vine to grow into their full potential.

To educate our hearts in goodness, we must read the great thinkers in history and evaluate their work in the light of God’s Word. The mind must be honed by logic and reason to grasp truth wherever it lies. The beauty of art and music provide for us a unique insight into the mind of our creator God.

The pruning and cultivating of the young mind and spirit begin early and continue with much pruning. Our goal is to send each WCA graduate out into the world with the spiritual and intellectual tools necessary for his or her own eudaimonia over the course of a lifetime.

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